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Add Buttons to the Unified Interface, MS Dynamics Hub

By default, some of the MS Dynamics buttons are hidden in the Unified Interface. Hidden buttons can be added to the Hubs using the solution Ribbon Workbench.

For example, you may notice a missing button in MS Dynamics ‘Add to Marketing List‘ on the contact form in MS Dynamics Unified Interface. To add the buttons, you are looking for, we will have to use a new solution.

Dynamics 365 -> add to marketing listHere is a step by step guide how to add the button ‘Add to Marketing List‘ in Unified Interface:

  • Create a new solution and add only 1 entity. In our case – Contact (because we want to add button on the contact form).
  • Export and save on your computer. (This will be your backup solution. If you brake something, you will import this solution and fix the entity.)

PowerApps -> ContactDownload and import the solution “Ribbon Workbench”.

  • Open Ribbon Workbench.

Dynamics 365 - ribbon workbench 2016Select the solution you’ve created in step #1.

Dynamics 365 -> ribbon workbench -> contactOn the Form’s ribbon select the button you want to show in the Unified Interface. Right click and press ‘Customize Command’.

Form’s ribbon - Customize Command


  • Go to Commands – Right click on HideOnModern – Press ‘“Remove from Command”.

remove from commandPublish.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to add custom features to your new Microsoft Dynamics Hub, such as MS Dynamics buttons. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. Need more help with Microsoft Dynamics? Contact the team.

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