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A blog about Microsoft Modern Cloud Business Solutions

Efficiently manage and merge duplicate records within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Having clean and current data in your CRM system is vital to any organization’s sales and marketing process. With new data from users, emails, and integrations being entered daily, it happens all too often that a duplicate company, contact, or lead record is created. If unaddressed, duplicate records can create major problems for your system. With De-dupe Dynamics by Skyline Consultants, Dynamics 365 users can easily manage and maintain their duplicate detection process. Users will have the ability to set the criteria for how duplicate records will be classified, publish duplicate detection rules, and run a search by entity (account, contact, or lead). Depending on your needs, you can also change field criteria and

  What are the benefits of the new Dynamics 365 Unified Interface? Improved Navigation One of the biggest changes in the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface is the expansion of the sitemap. This expansion makes it far easier for users to quickly find the functions they need.   Better use of Space and Improved Performance   Entity forms have less white space and can accommodate more fields and data. The Unified Interface also improves performance by loading data more quickly.    Richer Dashboards  New visual features enable you to display charts that act as filters on the entire dashboard. Users can easily interpret data and list their preferred views before drilling down further.   Business Card Scanner  The business card scan feature allows users to quickly capture information from a business card into Dynamics 365. Users can access

Dynamics 365 upgrade: Automatic transition to Unified Interface Q&A  Should I worry about the transition to Unified Interface? How does it affect me? The major release includes new capabilities and functionality for Dynamics 365. It will directly affect the user experience. Due to this, you must test the upgrade on your sandbox environment before you go live on the production environment.   Will I lose anything? You will not lose any of your data. However, if you do not plan and test the upgrade, you may experience some interruptions. Primarily, it touches companies that have custom development in their Dynamics 365. (ex custom buttons or JavaScript).   Are common items going to be deprecated? Some items will be depreciated. But most likely, you have not used these features in your company. However, you can find the list of deprecated elements below.   What is it? Why the change? The main reason for

“PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile—without the time and expense of custom software development.” – Microsoft definition. Using Power Apps, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored either in the underlying data platform (Common Data Service) or in various online and on-premises data sources (SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and so on). When to use PowerApps: Main Advantages The list of the main advantages of using PowerApps includes the following: Pulling multiple data sources together into one app. By utilizing Microsoft’s common data service (CDS), PowerApps enables your employees to access business data from over 200

Here we will talk exactly about Canva Apps Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. PowerApps is just one of three tools in Microsoft’s Power Platform (the others being Power BI and Microsoft PowerAutomate/Flow). All three are central to the task at hand. When you should not to use PowerApps PowerApps is a great tool that can empower any business user to build low-code applications. However, before you start building the PowerApps, you have to consider some limitations and disadvantages. External distributing /sharing of your PowerApps – It is easy to share with people who are inside of your organization, but you CAN’T

Records in Dynamics 365: Quick Search Step 1. Open the entity, where you need to find information. In our case, it is “Accounts”. Step 2. Go to the “Search for records”. Step 3. Type the word that should be searched. For example, “University”.  We will get just the results, where the field starts with the searchable word. As on the example below, we have just 4 results. Step 4. If we need to find all records, where the word “University” appeared, we should add before the word symbol “*” and to search again. In that case, we got 8 results. Using Excel Online to update data/ search data Step 1. Go to the available menu option… (1), and choose Export to Excel (2).  Step 2. In the appeared

Toggl is one of the most convenient time trackers that allows you to track your daily activities across different platforms; providing you with detailed insights and an opportunity to optimize your workflow by identifying areas where you can improve. It is easy to use, smart designed, and a well-organized tool. Toggl is a team-friendly, fun, and multi-functional software. We, in Skyline Consultants LLC, find this tool the most convenient and user-friendly. It gives an opportunity to start tacking time from the phone app, stop it on the desktop app, and renew it on the website. How can Toggl be integrated into Dynamics 365? Skyline Consultants LLC has built an integration between Toggl and Dynamics 365 for Sales. Track and sync hours to Dynamics

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for small businesses that provide services to customers on an appointment basis. Bookings are turned on by default for customers who have the Office 365 Business Premium, or Office 365 A3 and Office 365 A5 subscriptions. Bookings are also available to customers who have Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5, but it is turned off by default. You can find a lot of information about "How to configure your booking page," so this article will be about making it more personal in the color perspective. You can use an already predefined color template at any time, but then you will look like "others". I urge you to be unique and to make your booking page

For all our Power Apps projects we had one similar requirement – to have a very simple static menu, where each item should navigate to a specific screen. We had tried different methods and chose the best one for us. In this blog, we want to show you how easily we can create this menu using Gallery control. Before we start, we need to prepare two sets of icons for our menu: common and selected. You can use any icons which you like or have. I’ve imported all my icons to Media. Let’s imagine you will need 4 Screens: MainScreen; LeadsScreen; ContactsScreen; OpportunitiesScreen. On the visible property (OnVisible) of the MainScreen we should add the next function UpdateContext({selectedScreen:MainScreen}); ClearCollect(MenuItems, { Name: "Main", TargetScreen:MainScreen, Icon: ic_main, SelectedIcon:ic_main_selected   },{ Name: "Contacts", TargetScreen:ContactsScreen, Icon:  ic_contacts, SelectedIcon: ic_contacts_selected },{ Name: "Leads", TargetScreen:LeadsScreen, Icon: