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Delete / Uninstall Field Service solution from MS Dynamics 365 v9

If you have accidentally setup Field Service or want to delete it, this article will guide you through the step by step deletion process.

1.      Go to Settings – Solutions

Settings – Solutions2.      Delete solution in this order: FieldService_Patch_1

3.      ResourceSchedulingDemoData

4.      FieldServiceUCIAppModule

5.      FieldService_trial

6.      FieldServiceAppModule

7.      Go to Settings – Customizations – Customize the System

8.      Find Account – Forms – Delete ‘Field Service’ Tab – Save and Publish

Account – Forms – Delete ‘Field Service’ Tab9.      Find Opportunity – Forms – Delete ‘Field Service’ Tab – Save and Publish

Opportunity - Forms – Delete ‘Field Service’ Tab10.      Select Client Extensions – open Site Map – Click on the area Field Service – Delete – Save and Publish

Client Extensions

Field Service – Delete11.      Go back to Solutions – Delete FieldService.

12.      That’s it!

13.     If you have added any related customizations, a message will appear which can help you access the dependencies you will need to remove.

Hope it helps 🙂

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