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Market Insights

AI-powered insights are the new feature from Microsoft that allows companies to stay on the top and to manage their business according to the latest innovations and tendencies.

Market Insights will help you to monitor last updates in the sphere of your work, to know more about competitors, understand better your clients and customers, and to follow breaking news in the business.

Follow the next steps to implement Market Insight

  1. Go to the website: Market Insights
  2. Enter into the field a company name/product or any other keywords you will need to get insights.
  3. After that enter another topic that can be related to the competitors in your areas of the work.
  4. In the last stage, you can enter any other connected or not even related topics, that you would like to follow and that may help your business grow.

The main page contains 3 sections: Insights, Universe and Preferences.

  1. Insights: Shows the most recent posts and news about the topics you have chosen before.
  2. Market Insights has few options: to share the article on your LinkedIn timeline or Twitter, as well as just copy a link of the article; and to “show more”.
  3. The “Universe” shows all topics that you would like to keep monitoring. The maximum number of elements that the “Universe” can contain is 30.
  4. Preferences allow managing and setting up a system for our needs.

    Thus, you can get a summary of all news in your mailbox. Easy and fast way to stay tuned for more news.

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