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MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs MS Dynamics Marketing Module

In Spring 2018 Microsoft launched an online service Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. If you’re already using the standard Marketing Module in the Customer Engagement Plan then this article should be of particular value as a comparison between the well-known Marketing module vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

For a better understanding of this topic, let’s compare the Marketing module to a bicycle and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing to a super car. Having a bicycle, you can manage your marketing campaign by delivering marketing activities, ie. sending an email announcement an upcoming industry event. In this scenario you’d need to deliver information to your clients, including a big picture view analyzing dashboards that visualize the marketing email engagement – email open rates, attachment views, link clicks, and replies. The bicycle is like delivering flowers before the date. They should be enough to communicate the desired intent and return some assurance for your date in some regard. In this example that would be email interaction data to analyze. Back to the example, a girl received your flowers and posted a picture on Instagram (the email was forwarded). Now you know that she likes your flowers (the email was opened), but it is still not enough to invite her for a date. In this example, the bicycle can’t automatically fulfill the desired result (a date) on it’s own.

Second scenario – you’ve made a thousand ‘bicycle deliveries’ with the Marketing Module, but now that you want to create an exceptional customer experience at every interaction and build your own customer journey. It’s time to try out the super car Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This service gives you a powerful tool to automate and design the vehicle that knows on it’s own the best time to invite the girl on a date. For example, your prospective client submitted info from landing page, and now that you know where your clients are interacting with your marketing activities within your sales cycle you can use a simple no-code drag and drop designer to create a marketing experience targeted at this particular prospect. With this tool you now have the ability to view and edit your customized marketing journey all from one place.

Let’s have a look how the same email is designed in the Dynamics Marketing module versus Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Here is a taste of the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Standard Email Template

Here you can add dynamics personalize content to the message, limited to text and existing fields. link to MS user guide

The Email Builder

A simple drag and drop designer with several ready to use professional email templates. link to MS user guide

Price and Free Trial

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is included with the Customer Engagement Plan with a minimum of 10 users. You can explore all pricing plans at the link below.

To sum it up, we’ve seen a lot of people longing for something that delivers personalized, rich and relevant content at the right time and based on the unified MS Dynamics sales and marketing data. Both services can fulfill this need, it’s simply a matter of which one is better for your organization.


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