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Connect Dynamics 365 and Toggl

Track hours in Free Time Tracking Software – Toggl and sync to Dynamics 365. Create Projects, Tasks, and link tracked hours under them. Start using Time Tracking add-on for Dynamics 365 and Toggl and instantly start tracking hours with Toggl and Dynamics 365.

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What is Time Tracking Add-on for D365 and Toggl?

Track and sync hours to Dynamics 365 is fast and easy. The time tracking add-on allows you to track hours and instantly pull it directly into Dynamics 365. Your time links to Projects, Tasks, and Users. We will take care of easy setup and configuration of the add-on in your Dynamics 365, and you can start tracking time entries and control the project budget consumption – it’s literally that simple.


  • Recurring sync time entries from Toggl to Dynamics 365;
  • Custom Time Entry and Project entities for Dynamics 365 for Sales;
  • Automatically populate Project Estimate remaining and tracked hours;
  • Get a notification on 70% and 100% Project consumption to prevent project failure;
  • Multiple workspaces support.
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Why choose Toggl? Toggl is one of the most convenient time trackers that you will find.

Toggl`s time tracking tool has many benefits that help you to save time, money, and to make a work fruitful and productive. It is easy to use, smart designed, and a well-organized tool. Toggl is a teamfriendly, fun, and multi-functional software. 

We are a software company that depends on ontime tracking to meet a specific time-based milestone. For many years we’ve been working hard to bring the best results and to meet our customer’s expectations. To achieve our goals, we have been practicing using different software, but each of them was the worst experience to track time and couldn’t even integrate with Dynamics 365. It was huge luck to find Toggl and to start collaborating with them. 

Now a timer control can be added to a form for any entity in Dynamics 365. It shows how much time is available to complete an action in the resolution of an active record or how much time has passed since the time to complete the action has passed. With Toggl, your data is synced between different devices that you use.  So, you can start tacking time from the phone app, stop it on the desktop app, and renew it on the website. 

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