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TOGGL - Your Convenient Time Trackers

TOGGL – Your Convenient Time Trackers

Toggl is one of the most convenient time trackers that allows you to track your daily activities across different platforms; providing you with detailed insights and an opportunity to optimize your workflow by identifying areas where you can improve.

It is easy to use, smart designed, and a well-organized tool. Toggl is a team-friendly, fun, and multi-functional software. We, in Skyline Consultants LLC, find this tool the most convenient and user-friendly. It gives an opportunity to start tacking time from the phone app, stop it on the desktop app, and renew it on the website.

How can Toggl be integrated into Dynamics 365?

Skyline Consultants LLC has built an integration between Toggl and Dynamics 365 for Sales. Track and sync hours to Dynamics 365 is fast and easy. It shows how much time is available in a Project and how much time has been tracked since the project start. Your time links to Dynamics 365 Projects, Tasks, and Users as separate records.

Our solution synchronizes the project you are working on in Dynamics 365 with the Toggl. Then, whenever you are ready to start working, you have to open Toggl on your device (laptop/phone, the Toggl Chrome extension or the website) and to choose the name of the project.

It is really very easy to use, just write what are you working on at the moment and start tracking time under the project you have chosen. Also, you can track already existing tasks, that you used to work before. As soon as you finished, you stop the time, by clicking on the same button.

Did you track the wrong time? Change the time in one click.

The main feature of  the Toggl and Dynamics 365 integration by Skyline Consultants LLC:

  • Recurring sync time entries from Toggl to Dynamics 365;
  • Custom Time Entry and Project entities for Dynamics 365 for Sales;
  • Automatically populate Project Estimate remaining and tracked hours;
  • Get a notification on 70% and 100% Project consumption to prevent project failure;
  • Multiple workspaces support.

Check everything you should know in a short video below, Toggl and Dynamics 365 integration works.

If you would like to know more or request a demo, please contact us at

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