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WHEN NOT TO USE POWERAPPS - Microsoft Power Apps

When not to use PowerApps

Here we will talk exactly about Canva Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for your business needs. PowerApps is just one of three tools in Microsoft’s Power Platform (the others being Power BI and Microsoft PowerAutomate/Flow). All three are central to the task at hand.

When you should not to use PowerApps

PowerApps is a great tool that can empower any business user to build low-code applications. However, before you start building the PowerApps, you have to consider some limitations and disadvantages.

  1. External distributing /sharing of your PowerApps – It is easy to share with people who are inside of your organization, but you CAN’T share with people, who are outside of your organization!
  2. Type of devices that do not support some specific platform features – you should always think about what type of devices people using, how, and specific requirements for the platform.
  3. Performance is key for you – When you are running your PowerApp, it either will be running from PowerApps player, web browser, or machine. You should consider the speed of the application that will run on your devices. If you need it to be very fast, the PowerApps is not a solution.
  4. Complex or need regular maintenance/extension – PoweApp is a low code solution. You can get an app pretty quickly, only if it is pretty simple. Because low code has some limitations. It is hard to write good code when your PowerApp is big and it will have repeating code all over the place. PowerApps has a limit on the complexity of your application and even little changes can be destructive for the whole system. Basically, when you are making complicated code, it builds on top of “building” and then you are trying to build on top of another “building”, on top of it… and etc.
  5. Control over Environment / Uptime is critical. What happens with default environments that we have in PowerApps? Sometimes environment of production Apps has been broken by the updates that were applied over which we don’t have control. And the whole application can be cracked and you will need lots of time to fix everything.
  6. The costs – we recommend you to check the cost of PowerApps and what it includes. It is neither expensive nor cheap, everything depends on the possibilities of your business.

Run single apps = 10$ per month/per user

Run unlimited apps = 40$ per month/per user

powerapps - why not to use microsoft dynamics 365

The picture is taken from the official website.
  1. Power App is critical for your business organization and long term use.

If you want to check PowerApp’s advantages and main features, you can check our article WHEN TO USE POWERAPPS here.

The article is based on the video from Paul O’Flaherty.

Watch the video to learn more:

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